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Current Residents


  1. In the event, you are experiencing an emergency please call (949)-673-1083- 24/7
  2. Please click on the following link for all other repairs or maintenance requests.
  3. Please note, not all repairs or plumbing issues are Landlords responsibility. Some common repairs or plumbing issues that might be the tenant’s responsibility are plugged up toilets, hair or some foreign item in the bath and shower drains, inoperable garbage disposals, bent or missing screens, lost keys and garage door openers to name a few.



  1. All rents are due on the 1st of each month.
  2. There is a 5-day grace period, any payment made after the 5th of each month is subject to a charge of 6% of the monthly rent.
  3. Payment made be made directly to the office via USPS, Chase Quick Pay, Bill Pay, or personal delivery (Please inquire for personal delivery instructions).