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The process for reserving a VACATION Property is as follows:

  1. You will be making three payments on your account. The first payment will be for $1,000.00 made out to Newport Escape Realty for $1,000.00 good faith mailed to Newport Escape Realty 410 32nd Street Suite 101, Newport BeachCA 92663
  2. Once we receive the payment for $1,000.00 we will credit your account with the $1,000.00 against the total account and mail to you the lodging agreement for you to sign and return along with your second payment.
  3. With the lodging agreement, you will receive a cover letter indicating the amounts of your second and third payments. 
  4. After you make the second payment on your account, there will be a balance due on your account and the balance will be due two weeks before you take possession of the rental. Please retain the cover letter; it will indicate the date and amount of your final payment (balance due) prior to arrival.
  5. The 10% tax levied by the City of Newport Beach is charged against the rent only, cleaning, booking fee and Security Deposit are not charged tax.
  6. You will see that when you receive the Lodging agreement there will be three charges, rent, tax, and security.
  7. The Lodging agreement has a place where you will initial and authorize us to take the cleaning and booking fee from the security and refund the balance.


Newport Escape Realty

410  32nd  Street Suite 101

Newport Beach, CA 92663

W: (949) 673-1083   *   Fax (949) 673-1085

Cell: (909) 936-9158


CANCELLATION POLICY:  All reservation cancellations are subject to a Cancellation Fee equal to fifteen percent (15.00%) of the PROPERTY Unit’s total Base Rent amount for the reserved dates. The remaining balance of the Base Rent will be held and refunded ONLY if Newport Escape Realty is able to re-book the PROPERTY Unit for the same dates, less any difference in the total re-booked Base Rent amount. All other service fees, taxes, accidental damage protection and/or security deposits will be refunded upon cancellation.

NOTE: Newport Escape Realty makes every effort to present a fully-functioning, clean, & sanitized accommodation for each booking. While we attempt to successfully mitigate any conditions we encounter, we are not responsible for any residual odors/effects that may linger from previous guests’ cooking products, personal grooming products, medications, or pets (if a pet-friendly property). This may include allergy-inducing products such as peanut oil, curry or other spices, fish, perfumes, soaps, medicinal oils, etc. We do not use “cover-up” air fresheners due to potential allergic reactions. Because all of our properties are actual homes with full kitchens and living spaces which are regularly used, we cannot provide the same control of the environment as in a hotel setting. Please be advised, if a re-location to another property is requested by guests who may encounter such conditions, the cancellation policy stated above will still apply.

“NO-SHOW” POLICY:  A “no-show” is an automatic forfeiture of rental charges.  The Registered Guest will be charged for the full stay if the proper cancellation policies are not followed.

FORMS OF PAYMENT:  We accept, personal checks, business checks and cashier’s or certified checks and cash.


SUMMER SEASON – Depending on the specific Rental Unit, vacation rentals run from SATURDAY TO SATURDAY.  Please make note of this prior to booking your Unit, as well as any “Minimum Stay” requirements.

SUMMER SEASON Arrival CHECK-IN is 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P. M. on Scheduled Arrival Date.
SUMMER SEASON Departure CHECK-OUT is 10:00 A.M. on Scheduled Departure Date.

WINTER (OFF-SEASON) – During the winter, we allow greater flexibility with arrival and departure dates. Arrival CHECK-IN and Departure CHECK-OUT times are similar to the summer season, however, there may be flexibility in some cases and early arrivals or late departures may be arranged.  Minimum stay in winter vacation rentals is usually 4 nights.

NATURE OF ACCOMMODATIONS:  Vacation Homes offered by Newport Escape Realty are individually owned and reflect the taste of each owner. Every effort has been made to assure accurate descriptions of each Rental Unit.  Guest agrees to accept Unit in its current condition and understands that there will be no refunds or reductions of Rent due to issues involving the nature of accommodations.  Any grievances must be expressed to Newport Escape Realty in writing within 24 hours of Guest’s Arrival Date, otherwise Unit will be presumed to be in good order and refunds, if any, will not be considered.  No rebates will be granted for malfunction or breakdown of appliances or home equipment, including but not limited to, microwaves, toasters, coffeemakers, dishwashers, washer/dryers, refrigerators, spas, televisions, home audio, DVD players, cable service, internet and garage doors. Repairs will be accomplished as soon as possible, taking into consideration service personnel workloads, part availability and nature of work.

UNAVAILABILITY or SUBSTITUTIONS:  Newport Escape Realty will make every effort to ensure the Unit selected will be available.  In the event the selected Unit is unavailable for any reason beyond Newport Escape Realty control, Newport Escape Realty may substitute a comparable unit for the same rental period, or cancel this Agreement, at Guest’s request, with a full refund.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY and REPRESENTATION OF GUEST INFORMATION:  Each PROPERTY Unit has a Maximum Occupancy limit (to reside overnight) set by the PROPERTY’s owner. This PROPERTY has a Maximum Occupancy. If Guest exceeds Unit’s Maximum Occupancy limit for any reason, or if Newport Escape Realty finds that Guest has made any form of false representation of Guest and/or Authorized Guests, or that there are unsupervised minors occupying Unit, Guest will be considered in breach of this Agreement and Guest and Authorized Guests may be required to immediately vacate Unit or be removed from Unit.  Guest also forfeits its right to return of any rental monies and agrees to pay a minimum fine of $100.00 per unauthorized person per night.  In addition, limits for day usage by Guest, Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest are limited at two (2) times the Unit’s Maximum Occupancy in or on the Unit’s premises at any one time.  If Guest desires to exceed this limit for a specific purpose, (family gathering, etc.), Guest must first get written approval from Newport Escape Realty.

LAWFUL OCCUPATION:  PROPERTY Unit is to be used for residential purposes only and is not to be used for any commercial enterprise or for any purpose which is unlawful or which would injure the reputation of Unit, occupants, owner and Newport Escape Realty in any way.  Guest, Authorized Guests, or visitors and/or invitees of Guest shall not use Unit for any unlawful purposes, including but not limited to, using, manufacturing, selling, providing, storing or transporting illicit drugs or other contraband, or violate any Federal, State or local law or ordinance, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol by minors or commit waste or a nuisance upon Unit’s premises.  Violation by Guest, Authorized Guests or visitors and/or invitees of Guest shall result in immediate eviction of Guest and Authorized Guests with no refund of any rental monies.  Guest shall be responsible to pay any fines, assessments or charges imposed by any public authorities due to any violation(s) during Guest’s occupancy.

NOISE LEVELS:  Guest understands that the close proximity of other residences causes a much greater need for consideration of the rights of such other residents and, therefore, warrants and agrees to keep all activities, or those of Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest, in a considerate manner so as not to annoy or disturb other residents, or create a disturbance in any way. Guest agrees to keep music, television, and other noise at a reasonable level during all hours of the day and at LOW LEVELS in the evening and night hours. Guest agrees to maintain a reasonable noise level while using the outside patio/balcony area during the day and a LOW noise level in the evening and night hours.  The City of Newport Beach adheres to a Noise Ordinance.  Information about the City’s Noise Ordinance is posted in Unit.  It is the responsibility of Guest to read, become familiar and comply with the Ordinance.  Violation of appropriate Noise Levels and/or City Ordinances may result in Guest’s immediate eviction of Unit with no refund of any rental monies.

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PARKING:  A Designated Parking Area(s) may be included with your rental Unit. PLEASE NOTE: Certain makes and models of vehicles and/or trucks or SUVs may not fit in Designated Parking Area(s).  Please refer to the PROPERTY Unit description, or contact Newport Escape Realty to verify: number of spaces, dimensions, etc.  Guest, Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest, MAY NOT park as to block any neighboring property or other Parking Areas at any time.  Violations are subject to towing at vehicle owner’s expense and a $50.00 fine from Newport Escape Realty. Street parking is available, and is at Guest’s own risk (PLEASE READ ALL STREET SIGNS AND METERS, if applicable).

KEYS:  Lost Key Charge:  $25.00 per key.  Lost Garage Remote Charge (if applicable):  $150 per garage remote

LINEN SERVICE: Upon request when not provided by Owner of Vacation Rental and an additional cost.

HOUSE RULES:  Guest agrees to comply with all house rules/instructions given to Guest and as may be posted in Unit.

LOCKOUTS:  Lockouts after normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) are subject to a $50.00 fee which is payable when services are rendered.  Lockout Services may be paid by check or cash only.

SMOKING/VAPING/CANNABIS: All our properties are strict no-smoking, no-vaping and no-cannabis use zones. (Patios, balconies & rooftop decks included.) 
NOTE: This prohibits all applications of medical and recreational marijuana use.  No exceptions.  
Guests must leave the property to smoke/vape/diffuse. Guest agrees this is a material condition for occupancy of Unit and violation may result in Guest’s immediate eviction of Unit with no refund of any rental monies. If Newport Escape Realty discovers that Guest, Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest have smoked in Unit or about Unit’s premises, Guest agrees to pay a fine of $250.00 and pay any and all additional cleaning charges, replacement costs or repair costs for any damage caused to the carpets, furnishings or personal property and any necessary relocation costs of new incoming Guests to Unit.

NO-ANIMAL HOMES:  The majority of our properties do not allow animals. Please contact us if you are uncertain about specific house rules regarding animals. Any sightings or evidence of an animal on the property (interior or exterior) will result in immediate eviction, plus a $250 charge.

NOTE REGARDING SERVICE ANIMALS: Because we also have the responsibility to protect any future guests with life-threatening allergies, we cannot allow Service Animals in any of our No-Animal Homes. We are happy to provide an Animal-Friendly home upon availability.

ANIMAL-FRIENDLY HOMES: Guests desiring to bring an animal must make arrangements with our office in advance, to receive approval in writing. A refundable animal security deposit will be added to all other fees. You must bring your animal’s own sleeping accommodations: kennel, crate, pillow, blankets, etc. Animals are not allowed on the furniture or beds at any time! Do not leave your animal unattended unless in a kennel/crate. Do not allow your animal to continuously bark whether attended or unattended. Be sure the very best water-proof, de-flea precautions, such as Frontline, are being used. Follow all local leash laws and remove all evidence of animal droppings properly at all times in all places…fully bagged and tied. Note all City posted signs regarding the hours that animals are allowed on the beach & beachfront.

DEPARTURE CHECK-OUT:  Guest is to promptly vacate Unit and Unit’s premises no later than 10:00 a.m. on Guest’s Departure Date (unless previously arranged with Newport Escape Realty) so Newport Escape Realty can accommodate the arrival of other guests who have reserved the Unit.  A Late Departure Fee of $75.00 for the first ½ hour may be charged to Guest for a late Departure Check-out and $25 per every ten (10) minutes thereafter.

CLEANING:  Unit is to be left clean at the end of Guest’s Occupancy Dates with all bath and kitchen linens placed in hampers, trash put in proper receptacles outside Unit, counters and floors free of debris, dishes returned clean and dry to their original place, and all food removed from refrigerator and cooking areas.  All bed linens are to be left on the beds.  Newport Escape Realty has made arrangements for housekeeping services upon the check-out departure of Guest.  The Out-Cleaning Service Fee is a non-refundable charge for the housekeeping and cleaning services.  Any excessive or deep-cleaning required above standard housekeeping services will be charged at Newport Escape Realty’s discretion.

SECURITY DEPOSIT & REFUNDS:  Security Deposits, if applicable, will be returned by mail within Twenty One (21) days after Guest’s Departure Date less deductions for any damage done to Unit, any missing items that need replacement, any excessive cleaning required, any fees charged for extra number of occupants not specified as Authorized Guests, and any other extraordinary expenses or deductions that may have been incurred during the period of Guest’s Occupancy Dates in Unit, including any foreign currency exchange fees.

PROPERTY LOSS OR DAMAGE: Guest agrees to immediately notify Newport Escape Realty of any PROPERTY loss or damage which occurs during the period of Guest’s occupancy.  Guest further agrees to immediately pay for any cost(s) of repair or replacement of loss or damage to PROPERTY caused by Guest or Authorized Guest(s), other than normal wear, which may exceed the amount of Guest’s security deposit and/or accidental damage protection coverage.

ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING:  Guest agrees not to assign or sublet their rights with respect to Unit nor permit its use by anyone in the absence of Guest without prior written consent of Newport Escape Realty.

INDEMNIFICATION:  Guest acknowledge that neither the owner of the PROPERTY Unit nor Newport Escape Realty are liable for any injury, loss, or damages caused to Guest, Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest, or any of their personal property that is, or may be caused by, any accident, event, fire, theft, or other casualty or cause during the Occupancy Dates of Guest.  Guest agrees to hold the owner of PROPERTY Unit and Newport Escape Realty harmless from any cost, expense or damage incurred by Guest, Authorized Guests, visitors and/or invitees of Guest as the result of Guest’s occupancy of PROPERTY Unit.

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